I’m not a mental health expert, I’m not even sure I know very much about it, but it’s something I’ve thought about more over the last 12 months than ever before and am enjoying taking a more pro-active stance on.

I actually started writing this for myself, but know many others are also grappling with this so decided to publish it. Here are my musings:

1: It’s a scale. Mental health for me is less like how I think of physical health, which rightly or wrongly I have always viewed in a more binary fashion (99.9% …

Previously in our Navigating VC series, Johnny Hewett shared insight into how to think about the luxurious position of having multiple term sheets and the criteria for picking your new partner. In this article, I take a look at the key components of the diligence process and share some top tips for getting a deal over the line.

No entrepreneurs like the thought of (and often not the reality of…) Due Diligence. VC’s asking lots of questions that probably seem irrelevant and worse still entrepreneurs get the sense that they are looking for reasons to chip the valuation you’ve agreed…

The nuts and bolts

So, you’ve worked out when to raise and how much you would like to raise (which in itself is not easy) and now it’s time to get out there and raise the cash — but where to start?

As we’ve said time and time again, it is important to recognise that fundraising is tough. It’s tough because you already have a (very) full time job running a fast-growing business. …

There are a so many different challenges that face the founder CEO of a growth stage business it’s difficult to pick the biggest or most important, but perhaps one of the most emotional (and complex) is senior talent management.

As any business grows from a start up to scale-up the demands on its top team multiply, but they also evolve. Suddenly as CEO you find yourself needing a raft of “heads of” or “Chiefs of”.

For departments that haven’t really existed before or are currently run by the CEO with little leadership beneath, this is a relatively simple task —…

Here @smedvigcapital we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can help our portfolio companies grow quicker and better. And I mean a lot of time. It dominates the discussion internally; shapes the way we interact with our teams and affects how we think about organising our own team.

Over the last decade many interesting topics have been debated, but without doubt the one that has come up most frequently has been sales. …

Jon Lerner

Investor @Smedvigcapital, Angel and Mentor

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